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Welcome, we’re glad you’re here. Advancement team forms are designed to help our team assess, strategize, and support the work of the College of Built Environments. Every week, our team meets to assess inquiries and determine how they align with our – and the College’s – strategic advancement efforts. If we cannot support your inquiry, we are happy to connect you with other resources.

Below you will find forms highlighting a range of services offered by your Advancement team. Please complete the form that best aligns with your project needs.

We look forward to working with you!

Event Services

Event planning is an integral engagement component that enables you to connect with your alumni, donors, and external communities. The CBE Advancement team is thrilled to offer resources and event planning support that will help you accomplish your goals. CBE Advancement provides a range of event services from event strategy and consultation support to providing tools and resources to event implementation. Due to team workload and existing projects schedules we cannot guarantee staffing for every request. We look forward to collaborating with you.

Overview of Services & Resources provided:

  • Event Planning & Consulting Services
    • we can help you identify the best type of event for your timeframe and budget, determine goals and measures of success, and provide guidance on initiating the planning process
  • Organizational Tools & Templates for Efficiency
  • Venue & Vendor Recommendations
  • Invitations & Registration (Marketo & Cvent)
  • Event Look and Decor
  • Programming
    • we can advise on program content, length & protocols

Event Service Requirements:

Our team is pleased to partner with you and offer resources and event planning support.  Please know we will make every effort to assist with your needs and we ask you keep in mind that due to limited staff and resources, the CBE Advancement team will not be able to complete every request in-house. Please review the event requirements below before proceeding.

In order to provide comprehensive event services, please note that our team requires the below lead time on events:

  • 12 weeks minimum lead time for in person events or events of 100+ people
  • 4-8 weeks lead time for virtual events and lectures

Cvent Support

To learn more about Cvent – an event registration site – click here

  1. We can help you build your audience (pull list of alumni and/or donors based on your specifications)
  2. Support with creating event in Cvent
  3. Support with completing Cvent Financial Form for paid, ticketed events (budget allocation, gift/non-refundable donation portion, fair market value)
    • Assistance in setting up budget/fund if it has not been set up yet
  4. Support in testing the event before launching it.
  5. Assist with running reports or requesting custom reports for your event.
  6. Help direct you to places to advertise, if appropriate.

For more information and resources, please visit: intranet.be.uw.edu/communications/event-resources

Webpages for linking form – widget (examples):

Communication Services

If you can’t find the resources you need in our toolkit, submit a project inquiry for consideration by our team. Every week, we meet to assess inquiries and determine how they align with our strategic communications efforts. If we cannot support your inquiry, we are happy to connect you with other resources.For communications needs around an event, please use the event form to request help.

Overview of Services & Resources provided:

  • Amplification & story pitches
    • for incoming news on grants and awards, research, or other important stories for our community, we can help define an audience and work to amplify throughout the college, across the UW or pursue earned media opportunities.
  • Organizational Tools & Templates for Efficiency
  • Venue & Vendor Recommendations for graphic, video or other publication needs
  • Invitations & Registration (Marketo & Cvent)
  • Technology set up for events (Zoom, other platforms)
    • we also can provide help and equipment for your event including camera and sound equipment, teleprompters and other technology needs
  • Programming
    • we can advise on program content, length & protocols, script writing and run of show management

To ensure consideration, inquiries should be submitted at least 4  weeks in advance. For virtual public lectures and events, please allow 4-8 weeks in advance of desired completion date – this includes Marketo communication pieces. Please allow 12 weeks minimum lead time for in person events or events of 100+ people including event set up and advancement support. For earned media pieces and promotion, please understand that these can take up to 3 weeks from pitch to publication.

Fundraising Services

The Advancement team’s mission is to engage stakeholders in meaningful interactions that foster pride, advocacy and private support for the College of Built Environments. We look forward to partnering with you to raise private support that is vital to our students, faculty, and programs.

Are you interested in learning more about the following:

  • Questions about fundraising?
  • Want to create a strategy for a potential donor – whether individual, corporation, or foundation?
  • Is someone interested in supporting your work and not sure how to proceed?
  • Interested in connecting your work to external communities?
  • Want to discuss a potential fundraising campaign?
  • Want to learn more about what advancement does?

Great! Contact us:

Alex Haslam
Assistant Dean for Advancement & External Relations
Areas of focus: CBE Dean’s Office, Architecture,  Construction Management, Landscape Architecture, Real Estate,  Urban Design & Planning

Claudia Vergara
Associate Director of Advancement
claudv@uw.edu ┃206.221.4027
Areas of focus: Architecture, Construction Management, Urban Design & Planning


Annual Philanthropy (Annual Giving)

Giving that totals up to $25,000 in a fiscal year and is expected to be annually recurring is considered “annual giving.”  The CBE Advancement Team manages a college-level Annual Philanthropy appeal calendar where we solicit recurring gifts from donors on behalf of the college and we are happy to work in coordination and collaborate with you on your own annual giving campaigns

Make your annual giving mail, email, and social media fundraising campaigns count by partnering with CBE Advancement!  We have the resources to help you build and execute a successful campaign, track your campaign metrics, and store your constituency data to support your follow up communications and help build your pipeline for future campaigns.

In order to provide the highest level of service & support, please note that our team requires the below lead time on departmental mail and email appeals:

  • Minimum of 6 weeks for printed mailings
  • Minimum of 4 weeks for email campaigns

When you partner with us we can help you build and sustain an annual giving pipeline by offering the following services:

  • Consultation – Brainstorming Session
  • Collaborate to Build Your Audience
  • Assist with Visual Design If Needed (link to communications project request form)
  • Create an Appeal Code to Track Incoming Gifts Associated with Your Campaign (note: appeal codes are NOT tied to funds, they are attached to appeal/solicitation campaigns)
  • Work in Coordination with College-Level Communications and Central UW Annual Philanthropy to ensure your solicitation is well-timed and is not in conflict with other communications and/or appeals going out to your audience
  • Assist with Jeto/Marketo as Needed (link to communications project request form)
  • Help You Create a Peer to Peer Fundraising Site (as appropriate) so you can easily manage your crowdfunding campaign.

Gift Processing Services

Are you expecting a gift contribution in support of your program, research, or other initiative?  Not sure if the contribution you are receiving is classified as a gift?  Need payment instructions or information about where to direct a donor looking to make a gift?  Want to make sure that your gift is properly and expeditiously processed so you have quick access to the funds?  Advancement is here to help!  Do not hesitate to contact us with questions.

As a result of the ongoing pandemic and our move to restricted campus operations, we are encouraging donors to make a contribution online in lieu of sending a check (whenever possible) as we are limited in how often we can check the Advancement mailbox and we are not able to check departmental or faculty/staff mailboxes for incoming checks.  If you need help finding or creating an online donation link for your fund, contact us!

This Gift Processing Section will be updated as Advancement Operations continue to adapt to changing circumstances as a result of the pandemic.  Please check back periodically for updates.

Gift Options:



Or, if they are looking to make a contribution to a specific CBE fund they may search for the fund at:


You may also contact Advancement to obtain an online donation link for your specific fund to share with donors.

By Check

During restricted campus operations, online contributions are preferred over checks.  However, we understand that certain donors are bound by company/organization payment procedures or have a strong preference in paying by check only.  In these situations, please follow the below instructions.

All checks for gift contributions should be made payable to the University of Washington Foundation. Please have the donor indicate what fund the contribution is for in the memo section of the check or ask them to include a separate note in the envelope identifying which fund the gift is for.  During this time of restricted campus operations, we ask that checks be sent directly to UW Central Gift Services at the below address:

UW Foundation

4333 Brooklyn Ave. NE

Box 359504

Seattle, WA 98195-9504


Please continue to return to this section on checks as it will be periodically revised to reflect operational changes in response to evolving remote work/return to campus operations.

Please do not send contributions of $50,000 or more in the mail.  Contact Advancement if you find yourself in this wonderful situation!

For assistance in navigating other payment options such as wire transfers or coordinating with a company/organization that has very specific procedures not captured above, please contact Advancement.

Above all, as you are expecting/receiving gift contributions, keep in touch with Advancement to ensure payments are processed in a smooth and timely manner!

Visual Resources Services

  1. Visual Resources partners with CBE departments to produce videos of public lectures and discussions for presentation on the college Vimeo portal.

Is my event eligible?

[Points to cover: must be allowed to be public-facing on Vimeo. must have consent of all presenters beforehand. must be granted access to presentation files if required for postproduction. large panel discussions cannot always be accommodated due to limits of recording gear. we cannot publish on Vimeo long sections of films/videos shown to the audience which are under copyright. the live event organizer must act as the primary contact for the speaker and other participants; Visual Resources is only providing documentation of the event. must be scheduled by the first week of the quarter, with additional lead time strongly encouraged. Public-facing videos should be captioned for greater accessibility. Captioning services cost $1.95 per recorded minute. WHO PAYS?]

  1. Visual Resources partners with CBE faculty members to prepare visual materials for inclusion in academic publications. We can assist with image research, digitization of photographs, and creation of files to match publishers’ specifications.
  2. Visual Resources partners with CBE faculty members to prepare visual materials for course lecture presentation. Faculty members teaching a CBE course may request digitization of print or film-based images for inclusion in the CBE Digital Image Database and in-class use. Faculty members may request digitization of images from books, journals, and other publications for the same purpose.

[complete the request form]

  1. Visual Resources oversees the Built Environments Lighting Studio in Gould Hall, room 019. Faculty members can reserve time in the studio for groups of students to photograph their work (e.. models, furniture). While CBE students have regular access to this facility throughout the quarter, instructors are advised to plan dedicated session if a large group needs to shoot for a single project on a deadline.

[complete the request form]

  1. Complete this form if you would like to propose an exhibit for Gould Gallery, the CBE exhibition space on the second floor of Gould Hall. This submission will be forwarded to the [panel that reviews proposals each quarter?]. Proposals for ______ and ______ Quarters 2021 will be accepted through _______, 2020.

[complete the request form]


  • Visual Resources does not provide event photography services, but can recommend professionals working in this field.
  • Visual Resources does not record lectures taking place in current CBE courses for the purpose of student review. For this purpose, please take advantage of Panopto and Zoom recording options available to instructors via the Canvas course management platform.


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