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Email: Invitation, Newsletters, and more

Email remains a key communication tool, whether inviting alumni to happy hour, announcing new hires and awards, or sharing recent success. With new university-wide tools leveraging all the many updates to contact information and subscription preferences, we’re now set to deliver an even more powerful email experience. This means quicker list processing, better metrics and analytics, and more professional looking communications.

If you are planning any kind of email, from a one-off letter to a quarterly newsletter, please let us help you plan and target your email campaign for maximum effect.

Event Support

Whether you need help with invitations, catering, signage, or anything else in support of your event, we’re ready to help. Lead time is key, so please reach out as soon as you begin planning your event.

Ticketing/Credit Card Payments

If you need help collecting fees, whether for event tickets, tuition, program fees, or anything else, we are ready to help you. It is best to have start and end dates in mind for when it will be possible to purchase. A budget number to receive the funds collected is also needed. Our system charges $0.10 / transaction. We also need to know if there is any donation or gift component to your fee. As of Autumn 2017 we now have an iPad and card reader for in person transactions.