Arch 486: Algorithmic Geometry in Architectural Design

Algorithmic Geometry in Architectural Design

Meets: M-W 10:30-11:50 in Gould 007. instructor: Brian Johnson. Graded.

This is a course for those interested in learning more about algorithmic geometry in general and the Grasshopper & Rhino environment in particular. Students taking the course should already be experienced in basic Rhino modeling, though Grasshopper experience is optional. In a series of weekly projects we will progress from simple parametric 2D geometry models to complex 3D designs that explore the modern geometry toolkit and the concepts and skills needed to work with it, including parametric geometry, problem solving via algorithmic thinking and form-making, deriving structure from surface, design analysis, and genetic algorithms, as well as Grasshopper extensions and custom component creation in python or Visual Basic. In addition to weekly  projects, students will be asked to conduct and document a personal exploration project related to the course content.