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HDC is currently seeking internship candidates for the 2020 – 2021 Housing Development Internship Program (HDIP). HDIP is a 9 month, part-time, paid internship for students of color designed to recruit, train, and retain racially diverse leaders in the affordable housing sector.

During the program, interns will be actively involved in affordable housing and real estate development. Interns will learn hands-on what it takes to create affordable, healthy living communities, and specifically learn the intricacies of developing projects from concept inception to construction completion.

The program consists of three pillars to form the foundation of a successful internship experience:
the intern, the program administrator, and the host agency. As the program administrator of the
internship program, HDC will convene interns and coordinate additional trainings and supplemental program activities.


Who should apply?
• Students of color studying urban planning, design, development, and/or related subject
• Students with bilingual/bicultural backgrounds are also encouraged to apply.
• Program acceptance will prioritize candidates entering their last year of under-graduate or last
year of graduate school.
Program specifics:
• Interns will commit to an agenda of work and learning consisting of 15 to 20 hours per week for

• Pay ranges from $15 to $20 per hour. Scholarship is available for small organizations who can-
not subsidize the program.

• Selected interns will begin the program no later than October 2020


Applications must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. PST July 24, 2020.

For more information, please contact Aselefech Evans, HDC’s Equity & Programs Manager: Aselefech@HousingConsortium.org


Host agencies will provide opportunities to gain hands-on
experience in areas such as:

• Financial Pro Forma: The intern will be able to understand and identify the various components of the host agency’s development financial pro formas (single- or multi-family)

• Development Finance Application Competency: The intern will
play a hands-on role in the preparation of at least one complete
financing application, if possible.

• Development Plans and Project Approval Process Competency:
The intern will learn how to interpret schematic designs and site plans. They will be able to decipher what is included within construction drawings. They should also have basic familiarity with construction plans, civil drawings, and the subdivision process.

• Loan Closing Competency: The intern should directly work on the
closing of at least one development loan during the internship
period, if possible.

• Leadership Skill Building Competency: The host agency’s leaders
will support the intern in understanding what leadership is and
looks like, not just at the organizational level, but also in the greater affordable housing sector/community. There will be invitations to meetings with elected officials, speaking engage-
ments, or community meetings.

September 2020—June 2021

Program administrator, HDC, will regularly provide enrich-
ment opportunities throughout the programs, such as:

• Inform interns of various housing and development
• Provide resources and training opportunities
• Distribute job opportunities and announcements

Host agencies will encourage interns to participate in trainings as appropriate. Interns are also encouraged to apply for scholarships to attend housing conferences of their interest.

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