LARCH Study Abroad in 2019

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Study tour dates: Friday, August 30 to Sunday, September 15, 2019

Program director: Professor Nancy Rottle, FASLA, Landscape Architecture

Study tour and studio are open to graduate students in Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning, Architecture, Civil Engineering, and Real Estate. Students participating in the study tour will enroll in the fall studio, L Arch 501a.

Applications due: Monday, March 3rd

Available online at:

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Explore the cultural landscapes of Italy by creating a garden for children in Perugia and tracing landscapes of water, infrastructure, and urbanism in Rome. This program is open to students from all disciplines! The program will be based in Perugia for the first half of the quarter and Rome for the second half, and will include field trips to Florence, Sienna, Naples, and villa gardens in the Perugia and Rome regions.

Applications Due:  February 15, 2019

For info and application:

Information sessions:
Monday, Feb. 4, 12pm, Gould 142
Tuesday, Feb. 12, 12pm, Gould 142
Tuesday, Feb. 26, 12pm, Gould 142

Please contact Daniel Winterbottom: or Sara Jacobs:



Exploration Seminar (1-month study abroad) open to undergrads and grads of all disciplines, led by the Landscape Architecture and Global Health departments.

INFO SESSION (Gould 312 Fishbowl): MON 2/4 | 5:30p

Applications Due Feb 15 (scholarships available through the application)

Students will spend two weeks in the Amazon Rainforest and two weeks in the City of Iquitos, Peru to learn from landscape architects, ecologists and health professionals about the impact urbanization has on health and ecosystems in this region using interdisciplinary approaches. Students will also have the opportunity to engage with the InterACTION Labs program, a partnership between UW and Peruvian researchers and designers and an informal floating slum community in Iquitos.

For more info, email Leann Andrews:


NOW accepting applications (due JAN. 31st!)

Come learn more about a design/build that will take place June 14 – July 14, 2018 (Summer A-Term) in Dals Långed, Västra Götaland County, Sweden.  Participants will design and construct a landmark / sculptural element  in collaboration with the local community that includes a large population of Syrian refugees.

No construction experience is required.  Program will include field trips to Stockholm and Oslo, hiking, canoeing, and hard work!

For more info, email Daniel Winterbottom:


The Asian Urbanism Exploration Seminar is back this year! Apply by February 15, 2019 —

Information Meetings: 
2/7, 12-1pm, Gould 102

Dense, populous, dynamic, and vibrant are words often used to characterize the urban landscapes of Asian cities. The fluid matrix of social life, urban spaces, and transportation networks along with proximity of activities and services clearly distinguishes the major Asian cities from their North American counterparts. This traveling seminar will engage in a close-up examination of the urban landscapes of Osaka and Tokyo, two largest and most iconic cities in Japan. Through site visits and on-site exercises, students will explore both the everyday landscapes of Tokyo and Osaka and their iconic structures and spaces. This seminar will enable students to better understand how cities of East Asia support the everyday life of millions of residents and visitors; how they embody and reflect their distinct urban cultures and subcultures; and how they function as complex spatial systems.

Questions? Please contact Jeff Hou —