McKinley Seminar + Studtio: Transformative Urban Futures


College of Built Environments / McKinley Seminar and Studio / Spring 2019 Transformative Urban Futures is an interdisciplinary seminar and studio integrating urban and building science, economics, and speculative design investigations to develop alternative urban future scenarios that serve to mitigate and adapt to climate change. Students will learn to think strategically when examining complex problems, building skills in scientific methods, critical thinking, and imaginative practice to develop these scenarios and explore transformative urban futures for a comparative examination of Seattle, Washington & Phoenix, Arizona.

BE498/598 Seminar / 3 credits / M + W 130 – 250pm BE405/505 Studio / 6 credits / M, W, + F 130 – 520pm Instructors: Marina Alberti, UDP; Sofia Demisi, RE; Chris Lee, CM; David Miller, Arch; + Ken Yocom, LA

Interested? Submit a brief application : Applications Due Friday, March 1st, 11:59pm