Pride Flag Raising: call for videos

Hi All:


We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.  As you might have already heard, Seattle Pride events have gone virtual.  Instead of cancelling our UW Pride Flag raising, we still feel that it is more important now than ever that we continue to raise the flag in a symbolic gesture of Hope during these uncertain times.


We’ve decided to instead create a UW Pride Flag Raising Video to commemorate this year’s event.  If you’d like to help out, please submit a short video (smartphone video is fine) with what the Pride Flag means to you.  We’ll splice together the submissions to create this year’s UW Pride Flag Raising Video.


DUE, FRI, 5/29/2020, 5 pm:  Please submit all videos to

VIDEO EDITOR WANTED:  Also looking for someone who might have video editing skills to help us make the video fabulous.


Our main themes will wrap around Hope, Diversity, and working together as one community.  Our goal is to release the video the week of June 1.


Talking Points Suggestions

·                      June is Pride Month and UW & UW Medicine wanted to ensure that we continue to show our commitment to ensure that all are welcome here.

·                      The Pride flag represents the diversity of our community and that to overcome adversity, we must be as one.  We are stronger when we work together and as one, we can make miracles happen.

·                      The flag represents HOPE and that as a community, we will come out stronger and “All will be well”

·                      What does the Pride Flag mean to you?



QFSA Leaders, Thai Bui, Colleen Carroll, and James Fesalbon

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