UW CERC Annual Conference – Panel on Cross-disciplinary Collaboration in Built Environment Practice

CERC has created a venue to highlight research and its relevance for pressing issues facing our industry since 2011.  This year, the 2019 New Frontiers in Construction Conference (NFCC ’19) will be held at CERC’s Sand Point Facility in Magnuson Park on March 21, 2019.  We invite you to join us for an exciting day of learning and networking with peers from across Washington.

New Frontiers in Construction ConferenceWhat is the goal of this year’s conference?

The NFCC is about bridging the gap between education, research, industry and government.  We will engage industry organizations and practitioners in meaningful conversation that will drive education and thus, research.  To this end, the conference is planned to create a bidirectional forum where (a) we will learn what we can do as a university center to help industry with the issues they are facing or expect to face, and (b) industry becomes better acquainted with our academic and research programs and how they may be helpful to their organizational missions and project delivery.

What is the tentative program of this year’s conference?

Expect a whole-day event with panel discussions, breakout sessions, and social breaks including breakfast, lunch and happy hour.

Is there a theme for this year’s conference?

We maintain the overarching theme of “New Frontiers in Construction” as we are always looking ahead, attempting to narrate the moving boundary where organizations and practitioners operate in terms of business conditions and processes, workforce challenges, and technical advances.  This provides us the opportunity to mix-and-match research and practice presentations.

Sub-themes for the breakout sessions include:

  • Safety and Health
  • Communication, Technology and Organizational Practices
  • Lean Construction
  • Energy and Sustainability
  • Construction Education and Training
  • Project Delivery and Management
  • Construction Materials and Fabrication