Summer course: GEOG 426 Advanced Quantitative Methods

Spatial Statistics and GIS

Introduces spatial statistics and advanced statistical techniques in quantitative human geography using Geographic Information Systems. Methods reviewed include multiple regression analysis, clustering, hotspots, spatial autocorrelation, geographically weighted regression, grouping techniques, and space-time data analysis and visualizations. Emphasizes the application and interpretation of methods. Assessment by weekly assignments and an applied research project. No tests or exams.

Online/Hybrid Course: Offered online with optional synchronous classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings
Course counts towards the GIS, Mapping and Society track
Prerequisites: Introductory statistics (Geog 317 or Geog 326 or equivalent)
Recommended: Prior course in GIS (such as Geog360)
Meets GE Requirements: Individuals and Societies (I&S); Quantitative and Symbolic Reasoning (QSR)

If you have not taken the prerequisite but are still interested in this course, contact the instructor, the instructor, Professor Suzanne Withers, to request approval to join the class.