Summer Courses in Political Science

POL S 101: Introduction to Political Science, B Term, MTWTh 910-1150.  This is the first time this class has been offered at UW in many years.  It is a great introduction to the formation and analysis of political ideologies, exploring how they help understand and discuss issues in the past and present.  See the description here:

POL S 321: American Foreign Policy, Full term, a group start online class.  No Freshman.  This class is meant to help students understand the historical development of US foreign policy, paying attention to the way culture and ideology affect choices and actions of the state.  Students will also use some of the lessons of history to look at current challenges in foreign policy.  See the fuller description here:

POL S 401/LSJ 491: “Sex, Rights, and Power,” B term, MTWTh 12:00-2:10.  This class will explore the role law has played in the construction of sexual normalcy and the punishment of sexual deviance.  You can find a full description of the course here:

POL S 464: The Politics of American Criminal Justice, A term, MTWTh 910 to 1150.  This very timely class will look at race and the carceral state.  It will look at the history of mass incarceration in the US and how that relates to the history of black politics and black political mobilization.  You can find a fuller description here:

If you have questions about how these classes or how they might work in your particular situation, please reach out to the POL S advisers,