Update, and Announcing #CBEchronicles!

Dear CBE students:

You will hopefully not be surprised to learn that the CBE transition to online, as far as remote instruction is concerned, appears to have gone remarkably smoothly. While necessary compromises have had to be made, our successful transition is mainly and in no small measure due to the resilience that you continue to show as a student body, collectively and individually.

So, first and foremost, THANK YOU for continuing to stay safe and engaging this novel educational experience remote. A big challenge is how to build a sense of COMMUNITY, the sense of belonging that comes about from being in a shared space, best as we can with our resources. Your departments are working hard to make connections. Additionally, as a College, we have devised the following social media strategy to build up an online CBE community:

  1. We have one shared hashtag! #CBEchronicles
    Having ONE common hashtag of course makes all related posts quickly searchable. A cursory review of social media suggests that many of you are already posting your work to social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. In addition to any hashtags that you might be using, can we very strongly encourage you to add #CBEchronicles to all your CBE student work/life posts.
  2. New web-series: #CBEchronicles
    to generate buzz around and popularize #CBEchronicles, graduate students Alexander Barr and Andres Flores, are producing a CBE sponsored bi-weekly video digest web series called, of course, “#CBEchronicles”. Based on tagged posts and Zoom interviews, #CBEchronicles will episodically, and humorously, document the CBE community’s work and life experiences through this very special time. These will be published online, and played at the beginning of our online lecture series. Stay tuned!
  3. Bi-Weekly Online CBE Lecture Series
    To maintain the sense of our continued engagement with a broader discourse through these trying times, CBE will hold a bi-weekly lecture series led by members of our own faculty in dialogue with out of town and local Zoom-invited guests. Here is the schedule:Wednesdays, 6-7pm:

April 22

Old Normal/New Normal: What’s Normal and Will I Get a Job?

Renėe Cheng in conversation with Phil Bernstein, Associate Dean Yale SOA


In this conversation, CBE Dean Renée Cheng will talk with Phil Bernstein, Associate Dean at Yale School of Architecture, about the future of the field in this time of uncertainty.


May 6

Housing after the crisis: Where will the money come from?

Gregg Colburn in conversation with Kollin Min, Senior Program Officer, Gates Foundation

May 20

Technology, Privacy, and the New Normal

Jan Whittington in conversation with Ginger Armbruster, Chief Privacy Officer, City of Seattle

June 3

Creating the Future we Choose

Kate Simonen in conversation with Vincent Martinez, Chief Operating Officer at Architecture 2030


Each presentation will be opened by a screening of the latest edition of #CBEchronicles! More details forthcoming.

Finally, to note the obvious, these are very unusual times that we are living through, with special stresses of their very own. Besides coping with the demands of normal life, the situation we all find ourselves has the potential to affect us in unexpected ways. Please try and ensure that you remain attentive to your own mental health, and that of your near and dear. Remember that you have access to University wellness resources, which are summarized in the CBE intranet at http://intranet.be.uw.edu/news/wellness-resources/


Look forward to seeing your posts on social media, and hope to see you all in Zoom-space, interacting with our speakers! Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.