CBE Intranet

Strategic College or Department Fundraising or Engagement Event

The Advancement team is happy to collaborate with you on a high or lead event that has specific fundraising and/or engagement goals.

Each event will be evaluated individually through an event intake meeting to assess the level of support that the Advancement Team is able to provide.

What We Do

Preliminary & Event Planning

  • Advising on Venue
  • Support with Audience Build
  • Build a Communications Plan
  • Support with Content Review & Copy Editing*
  • Support with Graphic Creation (Archnet)*
    *Advancement Team will not be developing content but will package it, send tests for your review, and deliver it to your audience
  • Advise on Event Program
  • Suggest and Advise on Possible Vendors

Event Registration & Communication Deliverables

  • Cvent Registration Site Creation and Management
    • This may include:
      • Any payment/fundraising component which may include some or all of the following:
        • Appeal Code
        • Short Giving Link
        • iFrame
        • QR Code
        • Invoice (if applicable)
      • Customized registration questions based on your event needs
  • Communications Delivery – we will package and deliver communications for your event using Marketo and Cvent
    • Invitation (Marketo)
    • Invitation Reminder (Marketo)
    • Registration Confirmation (Cvent)
    • Modification Confirmation (Cvent)
    • Cancellation Confirmation (Cvent)
    • Reminder to Registered Attendees (Cvent)
    • Other emails as needed in Cvent based on event needs
    • Post-Event Thank You/Follow Up Message (Marketo)
  • Support with Event Promotion
  • Registration Troubleshooting in Cvent

Event Logistics

  • Support in Seating Chart Creation (if required/desired)
  • Support with Printed Marketing Materials (as needed)*
    • *Advancement Team will not be developing content but can assist with ensuring that materials are printed and delivered for the event
  • Event Day Support
  • Staffing, I.E.: event set up, greeter, registration support, etc

Fundraising Elements of the Event

  • Fundraising/Contributions Tracking (during registration and following the event)
  • Liaison w/UW Gift Services

Post Event

  • Support with Post-Event Thank Yous
  • Event Debrief
    • Discuss successes and opportunities
    • Report out on engagement & fundraising metrics
    • Address outstanding questions/issues

What You Do

This is a high-level reference for you/your department. In the section below, you will find activities that you must complete, as well as some helpful checklists.

Complete the Event Intake Worksheet

This worksheet must be completed prior to your event intake meeting.

Preliminary Steps

Vet Your Desired Event Date

Check the CBE Calendar and vet your desired event date to ensure there are no scheduling conflicts.

Add Your Event to Trumba Calendar

Add your event to the CBE Internal Planning Trumba Calendar to start to reserve the date/time; when ready to publish externally, be sure to publish to both your Department Calendar and the CBE Calendar.

Start Securing Volunteer Support

Prepare to coordinate volunteer recruitment and roles as needed for your event.


Logistics Checklist


Event Day Checklist


Post-Event Checklist



VenueA/VFood/BeverageSignage/Graphic Design/PrintingVendorsOther Event RentalsGrounds/Safety/Special ServicesTransportation/Lodging