Help Support Our Students

A strategic effort to help stabilize student fiscal support.

Some of you have asked how you can support CBE students during this time; the College is utilizing our budgetary resources to cover as best we can the financial gaps that our students and programs are facing due to the cancellation of events or revenue-generating opportunities.  If you are curious to know how you can help us ensure that this impact is minimal, please continue to read. If not, we hope we can continue to find ways to connect that work for you and are grateful to have you in our community.

This unexpected and sudden crisis has put great strain on our students that has led to a cascading effect of significant challenges. Thus far, we have seen a very real increased emotional strain on our students and student-based programs as they navigate evolving logistics, technology, travel issues, and housing concerns. We are working hard to support our students and build up our student-based programs but we continue to face growing financial need. Here are a few examples of how our students and student-based programs are being impacted:

  • Our students are feeling the impact of visa restrictions and those with work study hours in physical spaces are now without hourly wages;
  • CEP, our fully student designed and lead major, isn’t able to raise basic programmatic funds due to lack of events;
  • Study abroad programs have been cancelled, and many of our international students are feeling the impacts of visa restrictions; and
  • Design build studios have been impacted, especially for our graduating students who are working to build and expand their professional portfolios.

In recognition of the abrupt strain that our students and student-based programs are currently facing, I am asking you to support our College of Built Environment’s Student Emergency Fund.

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