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P3 Planning

Planning3 was a group tasked by the Dean to help the community develop a process for developing a CBE strategic plan.  In essence:  How will CBE engage in and develop a strategic plan over the 2019-2020 academic year?

Planning3 Report for CBE Strategic Planning Facilitation Team – 07/15/2019 [pdf]


Background Material

Planning3 members

Thaisa Way (co-chair):  tway@uw.edu
Mark Baratta (co-chair):  baratta@uw.edu
Rebecca Walter:  rjwalter@uw.edu
Rob Peña:  rbpena@uw.edu
Megan Herzog:  herzomeg@uw.edu
Carrie Dossick:  cdossick@uw.edu
Heather Burpee:  burpeeh@uw.edu
Rachel Berney:  rberney@uw.edu
Susanne Adamson:  adamsons@uw.edu

CBE Strategic Framework

View the 2021 CBE Strategic Framework. Adopted February 10, 2021.

CBE Strategic Framework Summary

View a two-page summary of the CBE Strategic Framework.

Planning for the CBE Strategic Plan

Documents related to the planning stage for the upcoming college-wide strategic plan.

College of Built Environments Organizational Analysis Report

Download the Report

Summaries and Reports from the Dean’s Listening and Learning Phase

AIA “Guides for Equitable Practice”

Download the Guides