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Note: Policy update for short-term study abroad programs, effective Spring 2017

Office of Global Affairs

University of Washington

September 27, 2016

Dear Dean Schaufelberger and Assistant Dean Crossen:

To ensure the health and safety of UW students engaging in education abroad, we must consistently carry out basic pre-departure preparation. This is especially true when our faculty or staff organize and facilitate academic programs abroad for students. Most units recognize the importance of pre-departure preparation, but implementation is inconsistent across the University. I would like to ask for your participation and support in this endeavor.

Following discussions with the Provost, the Office of Global Affairs (OGA) expects all UW units offering international education opportunities to take the following steps, at minimum:

  1. Require students to provide proof of purchase of UW Student Abroad Insurance for the duration of the program/activity period abroad.
  2. Require program leaders to participate in basic training on health, safety, and security risk prevention and student conduct expectations.
  3. Conduct pre-departure health and safety orientations for students covering emergency procedures, expected standards of conduct, and information about UW Student Abroad Insurance.
  4. Register their group’s travel with OGA at least three weeks before departure by sending an itinerary and group flight information to travelregistrv@uw.edu.
  5. Require program leaders to submit a travel waiver for high risk destinations, such as any country with a current Travel Warning from the US Dept. of State.

OGA and UW Study Abroad offer the following resources and services to help meet these expectations. Our $100 per student fee covers the cost of providing these services*:

  • Global Travel Security Management
  • Basic risk assessment and management assistance
  • Maintain travel registry
  • Confirm student purchase of UW Student Abroad Insurance
  • Remind program directors to message the Office of Student Financial Aid about any students participating in a CBE program.
  • Assist with mandatory pre-departure health/safety/conduct orientations for students
  • Provide faculty/staff program director workshop trainings
  • Provide resources and support, including evacuation, for students in medical, natural disaster, and political unrest emergencies (in coordination with our insurance provider)

Thank you for consistently implementing these important procedures. Please visit uw.edu/globalaffairs/global-travelers for more information and contact Nicholas Hill, UW Global Travel

Security Manger, if you have questions – hilln6@uw.edu or 206.616.7927.

All the best,

Jeffrey Riedinger

Vice Provost, Global Affairs

* Additional services such as paying overseas vendors, charging student program fees to student accounts, and more, can be obtained through UW Study Abroad at additional rates.