SUM 21: L Arch 407- Advanced Studio: Taking it to the Streets

MWF 110–1250 | Full-term
Elizabeth Umbanhowar
6 credits (SLN 11945)
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Pandemics. Protests. Public space. Traumatic loss and upheavals during COVID-19 have underscored anew the vital role of parks, streets, and other landscapes as vital sites of mourning, resistance, and healing. This studio explores the street as landscape–for art, protest, ritual, and (in)habitation–and the power of “being outside” in the communication, creation, and stewardship of healthy, equitable, and resilient public spaces.

This two-part studio explores design of accessible, safe, and inclusive streetscapes and the role of collaborative design in shaping habitats and hearts. We will work with Neighborhood Greenways and Stay Healthy Streets to rethink rights-of-way as democratic and creative spaces, and Sawhorse Revolution to develop related concepts for a built project with high school students led by Jescelle Major (Well Outside) as part of the annual Bellevue Art Museum Biennial opening in November 2021.