Acres for America 2021 Request for Proposals

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Acres for America is the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation’s (NFWF) premier land conservation program, and was established to provide urgently needed funding for projects that conserve important large-scale habitats for fish, wildlife, and plants through land acquisitions and perpetual conservation easements.

Preferential consideration will be given to proposals that can demonstrate their ability to achieve more than one of the program priorities below.

  • Conserve critical habitats for birds, fish, plants and wildlife
  • Connect existing protected lands to unify wild places and protect critical migration routes
  • Provide access for people to enjoy the outdoors
  • Ensure the future of local economies that depend on forestry, ranching, wildlife and recreation

Land acquisition and conservation easements should address the following criteria: project scale and program priorities, national or state conservation priority, protect critical fish and wildlife species, expand wildlife connectivity, expand public access to nature, benefit local economies, provide a range of ecological services, under threat of conversion.

Pre-Proposal Deadline: 4/15/2021