Andrew Family Foundation Proposal 2021 Grant Application

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The Andrew Family Foundation seeks to partner with one or more organizations with a creative solution to an issue facing under-resourced communities and/or that helps protect and preserve the natural environment.  Preference will be given to programs where these two interests intersect.

The foundation’s goal is to have an impact in communities that lack access to economic and social opportunity as well as critical resources. The foundation desires to work toward resolving such inequities by alleviating disparities in food access, affordable housing, high-quality education, physical and psychological health care, and/or criminal justice.

The foundation also desires to support programs and organizations that address society’s responsibility to conserve the planet’s natural resources and promote environmental sustainability.

In pursuit of its objectives, the foundation will award grant(s) of up to $600,000 over three years. Financial support will be restricted to a specific existing or new project or initiative and can include research to support the program. Preference will be given to organizations that have a potential for expansion opportunities based on data-driven results.

Eligibility: For purposes of this initiative, the foundation will NOT consider programs that support public policy or provide funding for endowments or capital grants.

Deadline: LOI’s due 11p.m. Central Time, 3/15/2021