Architecture Competition

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Home is the shelter and the gathering place for everyone. It reminds one of the deepest values and hopes that inspire them. It’s a primary need for everyone. Our humble abodes are being redefined with every passing day. In the fast-paced world, we need homes that are multifunctional and efficient for the users.

With the effects during the recent years that people have experienced, the home environment is more critical than ever. The Tiny House Movement is the perfect approach that has encouraged people to adopt the practice of returning to smaller efficient homes. Their reasons range from strengthening their communities to being able to spend more time with their families and gaining economic viability. This challenge offers designers the opportunity to come up with innovative solutions with optimization of spaces.

10 Steps to be a part of the Tiny House 2022 Architecture Competition


  1. Once you register for the Competition, go ahead and identify a client with a sound justification
  2. Look into the possibilities of making your proposal an affordable and efficient module.
  3. Go ahead to design a TINY HOUSE, considering the versatility of the space in accordance with the client’s profile.
  4. Ensure your proposed space is designed without exceeding 300 sqft of built-up area.
  5. Consider adaptability to be a key factor while designing your proposal. A strong justification to be provided if you choose not to consider Versatile Strategies.
  6. Ensure the proposed design serves the purpose of a home, office, and other recreational activities for your chosen client.
  7. Think about how you could integrate sustainable methodologies to create your proposal.
  8. Present your concepts and ideas along with necessary details of material and its work-ability
  9. Compose single A1 size panels illustrating your design proposal which should include your concepts and detailed drawings.
  10. Upload your jpeg of the A1 sheet on your dashboard before 11:59 pm on 02nd December 2022.