AUT 2021: ARCH 441/541 – Visions of the Japanese House

Visions of the Japanese House

Arch 441/541 Seminar (HT Selective)

Autumn 2021    MW 10:00-11:20

Professor Ken Tadashi Oshima

This seminar explores the origins, derivations, and permutations of the “Japanese House.”  Throughout the 20th century, architects from Frank Lloyd Wright to the California Case Study architects found resonance in the ideal of the Japanese house.  The Museum of Modern Art in fact acknowledged this affinity from 1954-55 through the construction of a 17th century traditional Japanese house in their sculpture garden.  However, the “Japanese House” itself has constantly transformed, both inside and outside of Japan through the efforts of architects around the world.  This seminar will first outline underlying principles and paradigms of Japanese domesticity and then trace their evolution through aspects ranging from the house’s expression in media to its constructional materiality.