AUT 2021: ARCH 498C – Colonial/Postcolonial Architecture

Autumn 2021
Tuesday/Thursday 3:30–4:50

Instructor: Daniel Coslett

This course explores the architecture built by British and French colonizers during the 19th and 20th centuries across parts of Africa and Asia in both colonial and postcolonial contexts, as well as related structures in Europe. Themes including historicism, urban development, representations of power, conceptions of modernity, historic preservation, identity, and globalization will be addressed through focused investigations of Algiers, Tunis, Casablanca, New Delhi, Nairobi, Hanoi, and beyond. In considering the era’s architectural and urban colonial history, students will critically engage relationships between colonies and metropoles, modernity and history, espoused ideals and experienced realities, as well as the state of architecture in contemporary postcolonies.

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