AUT 2022: ARCH 582 – Computational Lighting Design and Analysis

Lighting design is a decision-making process that integrates daylight apertures, surface materials, colors, lamps, luminaires, and controls. The choices affect the resultant visual effects and experiential qualities of the space along with comfort and visual performance.

Part 1: High Dynamic Range photography is a computational photography technique that captures lighting measurements with a common digital camera. This part of the course predominantly incorporates “observation”, “analysis of HDR images” and developing an “understanding” of the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the luminous environment. (Photosphere/hdrscope)

Part 2: Students utilize lighting simulation and visualization techniques to design a luminous environment. Computational approaches provide rich visual and numerical data to facilitate form-finding and evaluation of design alternatives. (Rhino/Grasshopper/Climate Studio)

Instructor: Mehlika Inanici