BIM related studies at Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Do you know relevant candidates  for a PhD scholarship in Digitalization/BIM at NTNU in Norway?

Due to Covid-19, we can receive funding for a PhD fellowship in digitalization / BIM.

This e-mail is an unformal call to document We will within end of August give feedback and start the formal process for candidates who can be formally qualified.

Most important now is that we can show that we have candidates for the Digitalization BIM/scholarship.

I therefore ask you to forward this call to candidates in you network.

Interested candidates send me an e-mail with contact info, brief description/CV and Diploma with grades.

Content can customize the applicant’s academic background. Multiple domains like; design processes, project management, Virtual Design and Construction, automation of digital processes(with support of  Machine Learning), BIM as knowledge systems (holistic implementations), BIM implantation strategies/tactics,  parametric modelling, BIM in education – in addition to cross-disciplinary fields combining social, economic and technologic science .

I attach an overview of BIM/digitalization related courses at NTNU.

The interest in the Norwegian AEC/FM industry for BIM is very high – enabling multiple research opportunities ?

Relevant PhD candidates is therefore most wanted.




Eilif Hjelseth, PhD

Professor in Building Information Modelling

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Norwegian University of Science and Technology


Phone:   +47 952 66 100