Charles Koch Foundation Educational Opportunities

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Do you hope to foster critical inquiry and open dialogue among students from different backgrounds and viewpoints? Then the Charles Koch Foundation would like to hear from you.

We are excited to support educational programs that provide future leaders with new opportunities to identify, debate, and apply the key concepts and principles that drive human flourishing. Some of the most rewarding educational experiences emerge from the exploration of questions such as:

  • How do liberty, equality, and the rule of law improve society?
  • Which principles and practices have most consistently contributed to increased prosperity and well-being?
  • Is openness to conflicting views and the free exchange of ideas necessary for progress?

Some of the world’s most important discoveries and solutions have come from the conversations that follow these questions, and we want to help continue that legacy through support for educational programs such as (but not limited to) reading groups, lecture series, debate societies, and capstone projects.

Compelling proposals will combine the following characteristics:

  • Engage students in open dialogue, critical inquiry, and sharing in the ideas of respected scholars.
  • Understand student interests and aspiring career paths through quality mentorship and guidance, while educating students on opportunities and advanced degrees they can consider upon graduation.
  • Help students develop translatable skills through programming and provide opportunities for hands-on experiences so they are equipped to be successful in their aspiring career paths.

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