Climate Minor Info for Students

Interested in interdisciplinary learning and climate science? Check out the Climate Minor:

The climate science minor is for any undergraduate who wants to understand climate change science from a broad perspective. This interdisciplinary minor offers UW students a climate science credential that will expand the value of their undergraduate experience and be useful in securing future employment and educational opportunities.

A student can explore paleoclimate, marine pollution, ecology, and the arctic, as they travel through the rich course offerings, courses with no prerequisites. Students with some math, chemistry, and physics coursework have a few additional options including Atmospheric Chemistry and Glaciology. Because there are many options to fulfill the course requirements, students are encouraged to meet with the Climate Science Minor Advisor, Miriam Bertram, for course planning.

Note, it is difficult for students majoring in Atmospheric Sciences to complete the minor because 18 credits must be outside the major. All others, with careful planning, can successfully complete the minor.

We strongly recommend that interested freshmen and sophomores take ESS 201 or ATM S 211 as soon as possible, since they are prerequisites for the capstone course OCN/ESS/ATM S 475.