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Interested in interdisciplinary learning and climate science? Check out the newly updated Climate Science Minor!

News and opinions about earth’s climate and global climate change can be found everywhere in today’s media, but without a foundational knowledge of climate science, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction. The Climate Science Minor aims to give students a strong interdisciplinary foundation in climate science with opportunities to explore policy, energy, and human dimensions of climate change. This minor is for any undergraduate who wants to understand climate change science from a broad perspective.

A word about the requirements. We strongly recommend that interested freshmen and sophomores take ESS 201 or ATM S 211 as soon as possible, since they are prerequisites for the capstone course ATM S/ESS/OCEAN 475 which is offered once a year.

Students also take one quantitative skills course AND one course from each of four topic areas with opportunities to explore paleoclimate, marine pollution, climate justice, ecology, the Arctic, and more. The updated elective structure allows for more choice in how the requirements are fulfilled. Check out the expanded options!

Students are encouraged to meet with the Climate Science Minor Advisor, Miriam Bertram, for course planning.

We hope to hear from you soon!

-UW Program on Climate Change

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