CM515 Virtual Construction Management

This *new* class in Construction Management grabbles with the challenges of innovation in the construction industry.  The course is divided into two sections:  Planning and Analysis. First, the class explores planning for technology through a team project.  Students partner with students from IIT-Madras for a shared project using 4D modeling.  Students will learn about management strategies for distributed teams and BIM execution planning while developing a 4D model with IIT-Madras partners over a 4-week project. The second half of the class takes up the topic of innovation more broadly.  We explore engineering management and social science concepts to understand the industry dynamics around adopting and adapting to new technologies.  We will develop critical analyses of how technologies are envisioned, how practitioners need to reconfigure their practices, and then how broader industry norms shift in response to these pressures to change.  We will analyze several recent technology developments including BIM-supported 3D Coordination, BIM Standards for information exchange and project management, and the emergence of Smart Buildings, the Internet of Things,  and Digital Twins. Students will learn to think critically about technology adoption as well as strategies for successful technology management in the design, construction, and operations of the built environment.

Course meets Wednesdays 5:30 – 8:20 Spring 2022

Carrie Sturts Dossick