Comotion Innovation Gap Fund

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The Innovation Gap Fund is a partnership between CoMotion and the Washington Research Foundation to provide over $1.1 million per year of up to $50K grants to UW project teams. Our mission is to fund and support projects with a high chance of making an impact but are unlikely to get there without gap funding. The Innovation Gap Fund program is intended to help technologies transition between the conclusion of academic research grants and achieving the level of development where they can attract seed-stage private investment. The funds can be used to de-risk your idea and to develop a proof-of-concept.

Successful projects have used funds to: create prototypes, complete software coding or user interface development, initiate beta testing, evaluate customer demand, or validate markets.

Areas of focus for projects

Fundable projects will come from university researchers who propose sustainable solutions to pressing needs in:

  • Life sciences
  • Engineering
  • Software/IT
  • Social impact

Deadline 3/7/22