Seattle’s recent unprecedented growth and building activity are accompanied by opportunities for positive urban transformations and challenges to create a diverse, equitable, and just city. Is the city prepared to leverage urban growth to shape Seattle in a forward-looking way? And will it be able to respond to the exaggerated challenges following 2020?

Given the current dual pandemic – COVID 19 and racial injustice – students will have the opportunity to review background information, the current situation, and potential steps forward through urban data. They will reflect what the built environment allied professions can contribute to more equitable solutions.

Visual representation is a core component of the seminar, revealing correlations and linking data to specific locations or places. Students will document their findings in writing, diagrams, maps, and information graphics. The seminar will introduce mapping and visualization tools such as GIS, google maps and charts, and tableau for the visualization and analysis of data. For further questions and interested students in other CBE programs, please also please contact prokschg@uw.edu.

Course:                 Arch 498 / 598  Graduate Seminar and Pro Practice Selective

Instructor:           Gundula Proksch – prokschg@uw.edu

Hours:                   F  8:30 -11:20 am PST