Endorse the STF proposal for drone equipment

Please help us by writing an endorsement for our STF proposal!


The Geospatial club at UW has submitted a proposal to the STF “Unoccupied Aerial Vehicle Remote Sensing Package for Student Geospatial Research.” This proposal is for UAVs (drones) that will have the capability to collect lidar data, multispectral imagery, thermal imagery, and highly detailed imagery for generating 3D photogrammetric point clouds. This includes 3 advanced, RTK-enabled, and heavy lift drones to carry the multiple sensors, and 3 inexpensive drones for training and flight planning purposes, as well as a base station and all the extra gear required for field data collection.


As with all STF proposals, this equipment will be available for general student use if the proposal is successful, and a lot of that success depends on endorsements!


Please take a moment to look over the proposal and write an endorsement, and thank you for your consideration.


Things you can include in the endorsement are:

  • Your name
  • Your position at UW / department
  • If you are interested in using the equipment for you own research, or if you are just interested in learning more about the technology.
  • How you think the equipment in the proposal will benefit students and research as a whole at UW.

Link for the proposal:



For more information about the Geospatial Club at UW:



Club meetings have been on hiatus due to covid, but we are looking forward to starting back up and teaching and sharing knowledge hopefully with our new drones and sensors!