Friends of Little Sài Gòn (FLS) job opportunity

FLS seeks a Community Outreach Coordinator who will be responsible for conducting outreach, providing educational information, and connecting with community constituents to understand the current issues and opportunities in the neighborhood. Constituents fall within three main categories: small businesses, residents, and community volunteers. The coordinator is responsible for working directly with small businesses, hearing residential concerns, connecting with community volunteers, and synthesizing this information to the Community Engagement Manager and other FLS staff. The Coordinator will utilize the established Community Engagement Plan to build trust and relationships with the aforementioned constituents, primarily small businesses, in order to successfully accomplish FLS and community goals.

Outreach, Engagement, and Coordination:
● Work closely under the guidance of the Community Engagement Manager to implement the strategies detailed in the Community Engagement Plan.
● Serve as the primary point of contact for small businesses, providing information on policies, resources, and providing direct technical assistance.
● Triage small business owners’ questions, needs, and concerns, connecting them with proper resources, staff or community partners to address their concerns.
● Build relationships with residents and support resident organizing.
● Assist volunteer-led initiatives to support the neighborhood.
● Identify opportunities for collaboration among community constituents, while continuing to build relationships with additional community partners.
● Coordinate participation among business owners, contractors, organizational partners, and others on specific projects.