HSERV 572 Planning, Advocacy and Leadership Skills

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Join this grad student course and choose among more than a dozen projects with local organizations on a variety of topics (see project details; UW Google account required.)

This class is an opportunity to master basic concepts, analytic tools, and skills for program and policy planning, advocacy, evaluation and leadership skills under the close mentorship of faculty and teaching staff. You’ll also learn from your peers as you work in pairs. This unique course engages MPH and other graduate students with real-world public health problems, partnering with local community health organization clients. We offer coursework to address topics, skills, and processes to help you complete your project.

The course is suitable for graduate students from any school or college who want to deepen their understanding of how public health professionals lead program development, program evaluation and policy advocacy projects to advance population health. It is not open to undergraduate students. Learn more and browse projects (UW Google account required.)

Course details:

HSERV 572–Planning, Advocacy and Leadership Skills, 4 credits

Meeting Day(s) T Th; Friday consultation sessions (no class)

Meeting Time 11:30 – 12:50 PM

Meeting Location SOCC 303