Landscape Architecture: Rome Study Abroad Information Session

The Autumn ’23 Rome Study Abroad program is open to all undergraduate and graduate students in CBE. There will be an info session this Friday in the Gould 312 (Fishbowl) at noon. Please find details below, along with an attached flyer to forward to your students. Information Sessions: 12-1 pm; GLD 312 (Fishbowl), Friday, January 20, and Monday, January 30.
Program Description
To design for our futures, we must learn from our histories. Set in Rome, Italy, a city that contains a rich tapestry of human and more-than-human histories and environments, this
program builds on historical and contemporary foundations to explore speculative urban
histories and imagined public futures of the city and its surroundings. Taught by landscape architecture and urban planning scholars in collaboration with local architectural historians (TBD) the program will be based in what is widely considered to be the finest facility operated by an American university in Rome. At its doorstep are incomparable urban landscapes in one of Europe’s most fascinating cities. In addition, this program will explore the urban form and landscapes of other Italian cities, and villa gardens as a laboratory for understanding the magnificent and unique contribution to landscape and urban design and urbanism made by Italian designers in the development of western culture. The program will explore the role of the city and region of Rome through the lens of speculative urban histories in relation to society,
infrastructure, and water.
With a focus on the infrastructures of water in relationship to the processes and patterns of urban development through time, students will consider how a city the size and scale of Rome will address both climate and cultural change in the 21st century. Focusing on the Tiber River and the watershed through which it drains, investigations will frame scales of landscape and site exploring their influence and relationships. Historic narratives of the Italian built environment will begin in Rome and link to Italy and Western Europe. Investigations of representations of the city- its landscape and built environment will build on these foundations. Field trips outside of Rome expand the student’s understanding of Italy and of Rome’s role as its cultural and political center. Lectures and discussion sessions address the geography, history, urban design, and architecture of Rome and Italy. Students also receive instruction in Italian language. The design studio gives students an opportunity to develop and synthesize their understanding of the
Roman context through the development of an in-depth design proposal.

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