Nano House Architecture Competition

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Greetings from Volume Zero,

We are glad to inform you that the registrations for the “Nano House 2021 Architecture Competition” is now Live. We invite you to RE-Imagine design a small-scaled HOME for 2 working individuals of any age group optimized for spatial efficiency to fulfil all the needs of its users.

A “home” is a space that is intimate to all. Apart from being our safe haven, a home goes beyond its everyday function of being a shelter for its users and their activities; it connects with each of us on an emotional and personal level.

Visit the Nano House 2021 Architecture Competition by clicking on the button below to access all the details for the competition.




If you have any questions for the subject or the process of the competition or any other questions we request you to visit our FAQ page or simply shoot an email to with Nano House 2021 FAQ in the subject.
You can also send us a direct message to our social media handles mentioned below. Please ignore the notification if you’ve already participated in the competition.All the best for your Entries!

Team Volume Zero