National Endowment for Financial Education General Grants

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NEFE provides funding for rigorous, innovative and actionable research that seeks to improve the public’s financial well-being and has the potential to make a profound contribution to the field of financial education. NEFE currently offers research grants and will soon expand our support to include directed research opportunities.

NEFE welcomes original research questions and replication studies that align with our funding priorities. Research projects must use rigorous empirical and/or theoretical analysis. Original data is welcome but not required.

The NEFE grant cycle remains open to all eligible concepts, but we give preference to well-designed projects that align with the following four topic areas:

  • Measurement: Studies that re-evaluate current financial literacy metrics and how financial literacy, behavior, perception, knowledge and skill can be measured more effectively.
  • Systemic Inequality: Studies that investigate knowledge, skill and wealth disparities, especially among populations that are statistically more likely to experience systemic barriers to improving their financial well-being.
  • Data and Methodological Limitations: Studies that examine bias—specifically as it pertains to personal finance—in order to help our field identify knowledge gaps in and to strengthen research data and design by including traditionally less heard voices.
  • Youth Focus: Studies that examine inconsistencies in exposure to financial education among youth in the U.S. as well as variations in financial socialization and education within family units.


Projects should:

  • Generate new data or utilize existing datasets; original data is not required
  • Involve the direct study of U.S. households and individuals or issues and trends pertaining to them (i.e., the scope is domestic)
  • Investigate direct impacts of financial education or propose research that results in findings impactful to the field
  • Align with NEFE’s research funding priorities

NEFE does not fund projects that:

  • Have commercial or proprietary elements
  • Are related to the pilot, development, execution, evaluation, expansion or administration of specific programs, courses or curricula

LOIs accepted biannually on 6/1/2021 & 12/7/2021