Neotropical Grassland Conservancy Student Grant Program

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The Student Grant Program (SGP) was designed in response to feedback from Venezuelan professors. Graduate student research projects are often hindered by lack of funds for basic needs such as transportation, lodging, meals and consumable field supplies.

ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS: Latin American students enrolled in a M.S. or Ph.D. program in a US or South American university.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: April 1st, August 1st, and December 1st

REVIEW PROCESS: Applications are reviewed by members of the SGP committee and two outside reviewers. Award decisions are based on the student’s demonstrated commitment to conservation, feasibility and merit of the proposed project, and how closely the project meets NGC’s mission

AWARD DISBURSEMENT: Awards are distributed as a single allotment of $1,250 USD. We ask that awardees provide bank name, address and routing numbers.

AWARD REQUIREMENTS: Awardees are required to provide the NGC with a year-end report summarizing project results and describing how funds were used. Following submission of this report, students are eligible for additional funding.

Deadline: 8/1/22