North Pacific Research Board: Graduate Student Research Awards

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The mission of the North Pacific Research Board (NPRB) is to build a clear understanding of the Gulf of Alaska, Bering Sea/Aleutian Islands, and Chukchi/Beaufort Seas that enables effective management and sustainable use of marine resources. NPRB will award a minimum of six Graduate Student Research Awards (GSRAs) of $25,000 each to qualified applicants whose research addresses scientific, technological, and socio-economic themes relating to this mission. Award funds may be used for stipend, tuition, university fees, research-related travel, supplies, or analyses.

Eligibility: Students must be accepted by, or enrolled in, a graduate degree program at an accredited university or college by the time of application. Applicants must have a graduate research topic relevant to the research themes and issues identified in the 2018 NPRB Science Plan. Recipients of previous GSRAs are not eligible to re-apply during the course of the same degree, but may apply in subsequent degrees. Funds may be used for graduate student stipend and standard benefits, tuition or required university fees, research-related travel, supplies, and laboratory analyses. Funds are directly distributed to the student and are considered taxable income

Deadline: 2/15/22