Norway Landscape Architecture Summer Study Abroad Info Sessions

Traena, Norway, Summer 2021 A term
JUNE 16 – JULY 21
We will focus on the design and building of a community gathering place focused on an existing  pond that the community would like to activate with furniture, pathways, and meeting place. The village was focused on fishing but this is changing and the village is trying to diversify its economic and cultural activities. Professor Luka Jelusic from Stenby School of craft will be co-directing the program. Students will explore and sketch the rural environs of this unique island, learn its fascinating history, and participate in-several field trips including Oslo and Trondheim.
Informational sessions
Zoom meeting ID: 993 4112 6464, All Jan sessions
  • January 13 11am-12pm PCT zoom
  • January 20 11am-12pm PCT  zoom
  • January 27 11am-12pm PCT  zoom

Zoom meeting ID: 975 4582 3131, Feb only

  • February 5 am 12pm-1pm PCT zoom
Open to students in all disciplines and universities
Applications due: February 15 2021

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