PoE Capstone Survey


My name is Allison Kirste and I am a student in Environmental Studies at the University of Washington, interning with the King County Climate Action Team. For my capstone internship, I am supporting strategic communications related to the Sustainable & Resilient Frontline Communities section of the 2020 Strategic Climate Action Plan (SCAP). To help inform my research, I’m surveying young people to learn more about their perception of climate communications as well as their perceived capacity to affect change. I would appreciate it if you took the time to fill out this brief survey (it should take between 7-10 minutes, if not less), the link to the survey will also be below. The survey is voluntary and anonymous, and you may skip any questions you don’t wish to answer.



Thanks in advance!



Allison Kirste | she/her

University of Washington – Class of 2021

Environmental Studies and Law, Societies & Justice Major

ankirste@uw.edu | 818.397.2125