Power Shift Convergence 2021

My name is Fotima Ibrokhim and I am a senior at the UW passionate about Climate Justice. Please share this wonderful opportunity with your students.

As a Regional Recruitment Coordinator with Power Shift Network, I’m excited to tell you about a huge convergence that I and other young folks are preparing for next spring. The Power Shift 2021 convergence (PS21) will be a moment to bring thousands of young people (like myself) to gather the tools, knowledge, and skills we need to mitigate the climate crisis.

*As of now the convergence is scheduled to take place in New Orleans, LA from April 16-18, but may most likely become a virtual convergence spanning additional days. Explore this FAQ page to learn more*

Why should you attend the convergence? As the climate crisis shows no sign of slowing down, it is important to build a community with folks who work towards a just system that honors and values people over profit. With the wildfires spreading across the country, hurricanes becoming more devastating and frequent, and climate-caused migration being at an all-time high, our movement towards climate and social justice needs to continue to grow.

Through past Power Shift Convergences, PSN has provided fertile ground for future climate and social justice organizations. It’s possible that you could be the next youth leader to change the movement landscape. Power Shift convergences have been a place where connections were made; connections to ideas, movements, purpose, and brilliant like-minded humans.

Here are some highlights from Power Shift 2016:

PS21 will be an event filled with amazing speakers like Jamie Margolin (ED and Co-Founder of Zero Hour) and Destiny Hodges (ED and Founder of Generation Green), movement history, political education workshops, panel discussions, hard skills training, an art and culture show, a day of action, and a special concert (more details to come on this soon!).

I hope that you will register and join us at Power Shift 2021, a powerful movement moment where we are cultivating space and community for young leaders. We need you because young people want to build power together to affect real and sustained change in their local communities. PS21 is the place for all of us to network, learn from seasoned activists and organizers, and create a shared vision and strategy to manifest the strong and resilient communities we all deserve.

Please reach out to fotimai@uw.edu for more questions and to learn about scholarship opportunities.