Present at the Restruct Virtual Symposium 2021

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You are invited to submit a presentation proposal for the RESTRUCT Virtual Symposium 2021 on May 17 & 18. University of Arizona RESTRUCT, the Arizona Institutes for Resilience, and the Collaborative for Global Adaptive Pandemic Solutions are pleased to present a symposium exploring the synergies between a transdisciplinary approach to built environment research focused in part on post-pandemic solutions and further enhanced by data resources.

Speakers may explore issues related to travel re-entry, adaptation of buildings or infrastructure for crisis management, risk modeling associated with COVID transmission within the built environment, the circular economy reeling from pandemic impacts, or other areas related to pandemic solutions. The range of these presentations may touch on land use, testing, isolating, sanitizing, air filtration, or sensing or the processes where pandemic solutions have been implemented. The future of pandemic solutions in the built environment may also be discussed.


Proposals for will be accepted for 40-minute and 20-minute presentations. Proposal submissions shall be limited to no more than 500 words submitted through the following survey. Links to related papers may be added to your proposal. Proposals will selected based on quality and alignment with the conference foci.

Extended Proposal Deadline: April 28, 2021

Notification: May 1, 2021

Presentation Slides Due: May 14, 2021

Presentation dates: May 17, 18, 2021