Recommend the Wellness and Resilience Series: EDUC 215 and 216

Do you know students who are struggling with virtual learning and all the challenges around the multiple pandemics? Do you know any students who are interested in growing their professional skills? Maybe they have struggled academically, professionally, or personally even before the upheavals of 2020? Or they are just interested in personal growth and living their best life here at UW and beyond?

As students come in to discuss their spring quarter registration, remember to recommend EDUC 215 Wellness and Resilience for College and Beyond.

The class will be particularly helpful for first year and/or transfer students to get started out with tips and tools to make the most out of their time at UW! It is also great for seniors as they prepare to graduate and enter the workforce!

In EDUC 215, students learn skills to enhance their well being in college and in their life in general. Particular focus is paid to skills that help students withstand common difficulties in life, like a disagreement with a loved one, tolerating doing work you don’t want to do, and managing negative emotions in a healthy way. Skills will include but will not be limited to mindfulness, emotion regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness skills. Students will also learn about research underlying stress, resilience, and related skill areas.

This 5 credit class meets virtually for lectures on Tuesdays from 2:30-5:20pm PST with a one hour lab section on Fridays for small group activities running from 8:30am-3:20pm PST starting every hour on the half hour. Asynchronous accomodations for lecture can be easily coordinated (synchronous participation in the one hour quiz section on Fridays is required). See the attached flyers for additional information and as a tool to share with students.

For students who have already taken EDUC 215 (formerly EDUC 200 for the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 school years), recommend our new course EDUC 216: Thriving on the Path to Happiness. This new course will follow the same format as EDUC 215 and build on the skills learned in the first class to help students experience more joy, build stronger relationships, cultivate a growth mindset, and increase opportunities for success and development in personal and professional endeavors.

EDUC 216 will be offered on Wednesdays from 11:30am-2:20pm with one hour quiz sections on Fridays. As with EDUC 215, EDUC 216 is a 5 credit course that provides I&S credits. Again, Asynchronous accomodations for lecture can be easily coordinated (synchronous participation in the one hour quiz section on Fridays is required). EDUC 215 (or equivalent) is a prerequisite class for EDUC 216. See the attached flyer for additional details.

EDUC 215 Wellness and Resilience for College and Beyond and EDUC 216 Thriving on the Path to Happiness allow students to work towards their best lives while earning course credit! Remember to recommend these classes while there still spaces left!