Resources from CBE-Office of Research presentation at October All-College meeting

Resource Round-up: CBE Office of Research resources as mentioned in the October 14 All-College Meeting

  • CBE Research Portal

    • An inclusive, landscape view of  the college’s scholarship efforts and interconnectivity among those efforts.

    • Does not supplant individual researcher/department/lab/project websites; rather, it interlinks them through this “broad and flat” gateway, so that in-depth information continues to reside with the direct owners.

    • Research Portal Content Strategy

    • Submit edits to your profiles for

    • Email with questions!

  • CBE Office of Research communications: 

  • CBE Inspire Fund

  • CSDE / CBE partnership:

  • CBE research trainings and meetings:

    • Oct 20-21 CSDE/CBE OR in Faculty meetings
    • Week of Oct 26 Advancement 101 Training
    • Week of Nov 16 Advancement: All You Need to Know About Gifts
    • Week of Nov 30 CBE research Overview Training
    • Week 2-4 Winter Q CSDE/pre-award training
    • Week 4-6 CBE Research Meeting