Scrintal 2021 Scholarship Program

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Undergraduate students get the opportunity to receive financial aid and other resources to navigate challenges on the road to graduation.

Who can apply?

Students currently enrolled at the Bachelor’s level (2021/2022) regardless of the study field, location, or affiliated institution are able to apply!

What is the criteria?

The selection criteria are based on a passionate presentation of one’s study area, a creative answer on an innovative idea or dream solution in one’s study area, and a solid plan on how to use the grant.

When should I apply?

The applications close December 25th, 2021 and the grant is awarded on January 25th 2022

What is Scrintal?

The Swedish software startup is building a flexible and extendable tool that would allow students & researchers to collect, connect, and use their information– documents, texts, videos, audios, photos, in a visual way. Scrintal is looking to support students around the world by proving them with a new platform to extract the most useful parts of their collected information in one place, making reading, writing, knowledge building, and sharing effortless.