Sociomobility Research Opportunities for Undergraduate Planning Students with NSF

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About the program:

Autonomous vehicles (AVs) offer the potential for significant improvements in the mobility, safety, accessibility, and sustainability of transportation systems. As rapid advances occur in the automotive industry, there are a myriad of associated social consequences that will result from large-scale deployment. However, these consequences are not well understood, and there is an imminent need to train students in sociomobility an area of research at the intersection of engineering and the social sciences.

What are the responsibilities of the participants?

Michigan State University invites undergraduate students to apply to a Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) site in sociomobility, which will train future thought leaders for careers that are focused on the development of innovative, multidisciplinary solutions that jointly address both the technical and societal aspects of AVs. This program will allow students to:

        1. examine social, political, legal, and economic concerns that may affect the
          widespread adoption of AVs;





        1. assess issues related to social equity and the accessibility of AVs to groups with
          limited mobility alternatives, including adolescent, elderly, low-income, and
          disabled individuals; and





study the implications of AVs on public health, urban planning, workforce
development, and the environment.


        • U.S. citizens or permanent residents and





        • Students in undergraduate programs as of the Fall 2021 semester.





How to apply?

Interested students may apply at the form attached here.