SPR 2021: ARCH 498/598, Contemporary Architecture Theories – Currents and Convergences

ARCH 498/598 – Special Topics
Contemporary Architecture Theories – Currents and Convergences
1:00–2:20pm PST Tues/Thurs

This class explores recent architecture theories and practices within a framework of the contemporary – as multiple times that co-exist rather than simply the newest or the latest. By embedding time in place and in current architectural practices, architecture becomes subject to chance and change and can become truly contemporary.

The course seeks convergences of past, present and future through a close reading of texts from architecture, film, literature and philosophy. We will explore a range of issues such as power, truth, beauty, life, memory among others, starting with but not limited to Ruskin’s Seven Lamps of Architecture. The primary focus of student work will be an extended analysis of an architect or office practicing in today’s global context. This could include living Pritzker Prize winning architectural practices of Peter Zumthor or RCR architects, or other architects such as Lene Tranberg or Patkau Architects whose practices are of particular interest. Using a variety of media, manifestos and critical readings, the seminar format will encourage debate and exchange of ideas about the convergence between the new and now, and what remains truly alive in our past and future narratives.

Questions? Contact Jennifer Dee, jendee@uw.edu