SPR 2021: LARCH 363-563 – Eco Design & Planning

Ecological Design + Planning
LArch 363 / 563

363 + 563 T / Th 8:30-10am
563 graduate student discussion section Th 10-10:50am

Introduction to landscape ecological
theory applied to urban environments.
Comparison of different vocabularies
used to describe landscape structure
and function, from the fields of
landscape design, urban design, and
biology. Discussion of design theories
that have sought to re-center landscape
planning and design around the goal of
achieving ecological sustainability.
Synchronous course attendance required
unless previous approval by instructor


Open to all majors, all campuses
Meets UW Natural World (NW) requirement
Coursework will include the following:

+ Guest lectures from practitioners and field experts
+ Explore site analysis through local (to you) field visits
+ Discussion and critical engagement with peers from outside your
degree path
+ Individual based assignments

Instructor: Mackenzie Waller LA, M.Arch
Questions? email Nick Dreher at ndreher@uw.edu