SPR 2022: Arch 402 – Architectural Design VI

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The 2019 UW Seattle Campus Master Plan envisions the creation of a new innovation district to be located in the area known as West Campus. Bounded by 15th Ave NE to the east, NE Campus Parkway to north, Portage Bay to the south and I-5 to the west, West Campus currently accommodates a wide range of uses including student housing, academic research, and cultural programs. Given its location and existing resources, West Campus is uniquely positioned to develop into a major “innovation district” within the broader Seattle region.

At the heart of West Campus will be West Campus Green, which will provide critical open space to support the buildings that surround it. Two pavilions at the north end of the green will create opportunities for those who work and study in the district to interact with one another. The pavilions will include exhibit spaces to highlight the innovation district’s activities as well as provide support facilities for the myriad activities that will take place on the green itself.

The studio will begin with students working in teams to refine the university’s vision for West Campus Green by carefully analyzing the 2019 master plan and conducting a series of site studies. They will then develop a program for the pavilions based upon the activities that are anticipated to surround it. Students will spend the remainder of the quarter, working individually or in teams, on designing West Campus Green and its pavilions.

Throughout the quarter, we will conduct design explorations at a variety of scales, from small-scale explorations of the entire West Campus to large-scale physical section models of the pavilions, in order to understand how even the smallest of detail can inform the largest of site gestures and vice versa.

Further information about the vision for the West Campus Green can be found in the 2019 UW Seattle Campus Master Plan: