SPR 2022: LARC 454 – History of Urban Landscapes

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Meets MWF 11:30am–12:50pm. Five credit I&S lecture/seminar course, optional Writing Credit.  Open to upper-level undergraduates and graduate students in College of Built Environments, and other majors (humanities, social sciences and natural sciences). Satisfies BLA/MLA history requirement, does not require previous coursework in history. Taught by Maria C. Taylor, PhD. m3taylor@uw.edu  Non-LArch students should contact Jennie Li jencyli@uw.edu for Add Code.

Course will focus on urban environments and landscapes of the modern era (~1800–early 21st century), centering themes of community engagement with plants, change over time in the form and experience of city form and public space, and environmental and technogenic health hazards and mitigation, including urban climate justice issues. Specific city case studies will draw from a wide range of examples in (post)colonial, capitalist and (post)socialist settings, building skills in comparison, critical analysis, and visual and verbal argumentation. Details in Flyer.