Student job opportunity: CBE Computing/Digital Commons support staff

CBE Computing has an open job position in the Digital Commons. If you are interested in applying or have questions, please email your resume to Ross McKenzie,
CBE Computing – student support staff duties

  1. Routine Maintenance
    1. check paper/toner in Pharos (Dawg Prints) printer [daily]
    2. check plotter maintenance cartridge [weekly]
    3. clean up Commons and Commons Classroom as necessary [daily]
    4. retrieve laptops to be reimaged from library, reimage, return to library [daily]
    5. assist with lab reimaging [quarterly, and as needed]

2.            When at the Help Desk

    1. provide first line tech support for drop-ins, and for questions arriving via phone and email, redirect as appropriate
    2. sell plots, replace plotter paper/ink/print heads as necessary
    3. transfer funds from student Husky Card accounts to Archnet accounts as requested by students
    4. hand out faculty/staff loaner equipment per online calendar (using own judgment in emergencies)
    5. receive new software/hardware, process, add to inventory and deploy per email
    6. handle packaging, paperwork, phone calls for equipment returns and repairs (RMAs)
    7. maintain online software/hardware inventory
    8. modify online calendar as needed

3.            On-site Work [includes Commons workstations & Classroom]

    1. install/move equipment
    2. provide on-site user assistance
    3. replace toner as requested in departmental printers
    4. troubleshoot/modify equipment (e.g. add RAM)

4.            Special Projects [these will vary, examples are…]

    1. reorganize storage
    2. assist with 3D printer workflow development
    3. assist with other CBE Computing development projects


ross mckenzie, senior computer specialist
university of washington / college of built environments
Box 355726 / seattle, wa 98195-5726
voice:(206)543-9949 / email: